Introducing the crew

We are the Whing family. We are so glad you are here! 


When we first met in college, neither of us could have imagined the plans the Lord had for us. Married for 17 years we began our life together in Maryland and Pennsylvania and are now taking up the temporary lifestyle of traveling with our family in a 32 foot Class C RV. We are currently residing in Florida. 



The desire of Upstream Family is to glorify God in all we do, remembering that we share in the mystery of Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.


Rather than feeling hostage to the way the world beckons us to live, we choose to live upstream, thinking outside the box and doing our best to listen to Holy Spirit and how He is directing us. Living upstream encompasses everything we do, from the food we eat, to the way we educate our children, to speaking prophetically into the lives of others.


We are far from perfect. We daily need to lift our hands in surrender. But we aspire to go where He leads us, daring to believe He is who He says He is, and fully trusting we are who He says we are. We desire to crush hell wherever we go. We recognize that we only are able to do anything because of Jesus. To Him be the Glory. 


While we are grateful that this world is not our home, we recognize that this world needs the love of Jesus. It needs those who are boldly willing to share love and truth. The world in which we are raising our children needs families who are willing to love each other and share that love with others. This world needs families who are willing to stand for the truth of God’s word and His great love for people. He died once for all, which means all are invited into His kingdom. 


Feel a bit upstream too? We love to connect with other families who are unafraid to live for Jesus. We also love to encourage other families to go after the hard things that Holy Spirit calls us all to do when we trust God deeper and more fully with our lives. We'd love to hear from you! CONTACT US

Here’s a little more about each of us:


Early riser. Loves French fries and potato chips. Still thinks he’s 21 when he plays sports. Loves to build up others and direct them to the Father. 


Allison is a former public education teacher turned homeschooling mama. Lover of all things handmade, fair-trade, ethically produced and/or organic.

Lover of light

Loves Jesus over everything, enjoys dance ministry, is an unpublished author and an official bookworm. A kindness giver, and second mommy to all her siblings. 


Loves adventure, exploring and active outdoor life in general, including biking and parkour. When he’s not found entertaining with juggling and magic tricks, he’s using his creativity to draw or build something, or learning to work with wood.


Creative artist. Free-spirit. Loves to be outdoors making up games, swimming or doing parkour. Overflows with compassion and kindness. Keeps us laughing. A delight to all.


Equal parts feisty and warm-hearted. Loves dancing, drawing and swimming. Laughs at the devil. Joy-spreader. 


Affectionate. Plays hard.  Has an infectious laugh and a joyful spirit. Always ready to keep up with his siblings.

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