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POOFY ORGANICS is a small family-run business offering personal care products. Everything is made fresh, by hand, on our premises in small batches and scented only with essential oils and extracts. Poofy stands behind their mission of safe products with USDA Organic certification so you know you are getting the purest products possible. Organic, safe, and handmade with love. 

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Using a state of the art revolutionary process, our products are highly concentrated. With a starting dose of only 2 drops, compare our oils for purity, potency and the ability to review each batch’s recent Certificate of Analysis by a reputable 3rd party lab. CBD You Can Trust!


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100 years ago, all food was organic. It grew in clean, mineral-rich soil and clean, mineral-rich water – no chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. 
Today, real food has been replaced by corporate-produced fast, cheap, addictive, processed food-like stuff. 
Purium goes back to the original purity standards. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients. Just real food. Super food. For super results. 
Purium offers a solution that benefits our bodies, as well as the Earth.

*Use my affiliate code "allisonwhing" to save $50 off your first order. 

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