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Behind the Scenes of RV'ing (The Youngster Outlook on Traveling Part 1)

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

It was a little hard (yet still necessary) to realize this, but here it is. Having a part of a blog requires you to actually write on it.

I know, I know…obviously! But even still, I was at a loss for what I should actually write. And I figured (as majority of the world does nowadays), give the people what they want. And what majority of people probably want to know is this: What do the kids think about traveling?

Hence this four week series…The Youngster Outlook on Traveling.

For each of the next four weeks I will be putting out a post that has something to do with us kids and traveling. Wish me luck! I apologize in advance, because this post will more than likely be extremely sporadic, but I promise next week will be better.

As an intro to this, I thought it would be good to have someone else write as well. But about what?

Well, one of the biggest misunderstandings on traveling life is this...RV'ing is not always exciting.

One thing everyone seems to think is that RV life is always go, go, go but really, the opposite is true. We do go a lot of different places, yes, but mostly we hang out at whatever campground we’re staying at, or doing regular things like grocery shopping.

We might not always exemplify those ‘regular’ things, but they do still happen. That’s how most of our days span out; being regular kids, making regular mistakes, having messy rooms, losing socks and toys, arguing with each other, it all still happens…just in a smaller atmosphere.

So for this first week my sister Eden takes the stage, and she will be giving you a paragraph (or two) about what an average campground day looks like for her.


Ok, well, hello world, um yeah. A normal campground day would be getting up at 7:00, then going outside, Judah would be on the iPad and Mommy would be reading the Bible or looking at the news on her phone. I would sit next to Judah and just watch him, then Naomi would come out and ask for a screen turn, Judah would have to get off or Naomi would have the computer or something. After everyones up, we have breakfast and get dressed. So the thing is, moods that people have changes the WHOLE day, but sometimes it goes just like this:

. I get up

. Go outside and watch Judah on the screen

. Naomi comes out and asks for the screen

. We have breakfast and get dressed

. I take a run/bike

<------- School work

. Me, Naomi, and Judah play together

. We have lunch/snacks

. I have my screen turn

. I play outside ( 1hour--3 hours)

. Naomi and Judah get back on the screen

. We have dinner

. Naomi and Judah go to bed

. I stay up till 9:30 sometimes 10:30 (11:00 if I am lucky!)

. I go to bed

(Back to Ellie)

So as you can see, campground days are really just regular ordinary days.

Mine typically consist of...well-- different things. Hobbies obviously, you know, the things like embroidery, writing, reading, dancing/stretching etc...

But they also involve picking up, making breakfast, washing dishes, laundry, etc...We all go to the pool pretty much everyday now, and do school work most (actually...some) days. Errands are the typical escape from the house.

So for those of you curious about our campground days... they're really not that much different than normal ones.

Part two coming next week!

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