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Naomi's Thoughts(The Youngster Outlook on Traveling Part 4)

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to manage four weeks of writing (hence why this is four days late), so I've decided I'm not going to. I never was supposed to anyway.

This series is indeed supposed have all of us kids writing on it, not just mine. And so this week it's time to give the youngest girl her turn.

And so, Naomi will now share everything you need to know about traveling when you're six years old (and probably some stuff you don't).

Now with no further ado, welcome to the stage: Naomi.

What do you do on a normal campground day?

On a normal campground day, I usually play a lot. I play outdoor games with my siblings and friends, and board and card games inside.

Some campgrounds have pools, and I like to swim in them. Some are big, and some are small, but at one of the big pools, our friends let us use their big floats to play on. But then, they ran out of air, so we threw them away. I learned to dive, and my dad does a really cool back flip in the pool with me.

I also do schoolwork. I can do addition, and I have a hundred board to help me learn how to count super high. I'm also learning to read, and I often use banana grams that help me spell my words.

What is the favorite place that you've visited?

My favorite place was McWane Science Center in Birmingham, AL. They have a really fun big slide, and a cycle bike that you pedal on to take you across a rope.

I also really liked Nashville, TN. The buildings are really high, and I like them!

There's also this really cool bridge we got to go on. There's a glass elevator by the bridge, and we could see almost everything in Nashville from it.

What do you do on travel days? Do they feel really short, or do you get bored quickly?

We do crafts, and my siblings and I sometimes talk. I don't always take naps, but Judah sometimes does.

On the really long travel days we get to eat really good snacks. I don't have a favorite, because they're all so tasty!

We sometimes have to stop at grocery stores to stretch our legs. I do get bored quickly, so we turn on the radio or sometimes get to bring our screens to play on.

Do you like Florida weather better then Pennsylvania?

No. Florida weather is hot, hot, HOT! It is hot enough for palm trees and oranges, and they were everywhere. Pennsylvania is cooler, and I like the snow.

How does it feel to be back with your friends and family in York?

It feels great! I got to see a lot of my friends in church, and I missed them all so much! We also got to see my grandparents. I surprised my grandma, and she cried!

My cousins came too, and I got to meet my new baby cousin. We all met and ate hot dogs together, it was so great to see them all again!

Does space in the RV get tight?

Yes, space is the RV is tight, but only when the slide out is in. I share a bed with Judah. I don’t mind but I do miss having my own space. Micah, Eden, and Ellie all have their own beds. Judah and I are the only kids that share.

I also really like to dance, but there’s no room inside the RV. Sometimes campgrounds have rec halls though, so Ellie and I go up there and she teaches me.

All in all, do you like travel life?

Yes. I do. I would like a house again someday, but I love my current home. Thank you for listening to my thoughts on travel life!

Thank y'all so much for listening to this traveling series!

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