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Poofy Organics: The Best of the Best for Personal Care Products

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

I never wanted to be a person who sells products.  Direct sales companies often get a bad name and people are often tired of buying things from friends (although you never should feel pressured to buy from a friend). I actually never thought there would be a product I would consider selling because my standards are too high. It would have to be something I believe in 100%, something I would use myself, and something not made overseas. I didn’t want people to spend money on a product I was selling that they didn’t actually need. 

In all my years of changing what we eat and trying to make good health choices, I thought I had switched to better cosmetic products. I thought I was buying natural brands and that they were healthy because they were labeled that way. About four years ago, I started paying attention to the ingredient lists of the products I was using. I was stumped. Because what I thought was good for my skin and body based on the front of the label I was looking at, turned out to have a list of questionable ingredients. So I started looking them up and was pretty shocked at what I found. I was basically paying more for products that claimed to be natural but really were full of compromising ingredients. So I started educating myself about the cosmetics industry. I found a few products that were “okay” but nothing that I loved. And almost everything was still full of headache-inducing fragrance. I tried some DIY products but they didn’t turn out the way I hoped and I was spending too much on the raw ingredients I needed to make them.

And then one random day when I was researching for products online, I stumbled onto the Poofy Organics website. I hadn’t heard of them so I started reading. Made by hand? Made by a family in New Jersey? A company aware of toxic chemicals and determined to prove their commitment by having their organic certification? I thought it was too good to be true. And then when I found out I could sell them, I thought it was a great platform for me to do what I love to do. Educate. Tell others about what’s broken in our food world and cosmetic world so they can make better choices for themselves and their family. That’s why I decided to sell Poofy Organics. Not to make a bunch of money. Not to sell something and get a bunch of people under me. Trust me, every dollar I make from selling products is truly helpful for my family. But that's not why I'm doing it. I love that this company focuses on quality over quantity so the main goal isn't to sign people. It's to educate and provide the best products out there. 

I always advocate that when you can, you should know WHO is behind the products you buy, from the clothing you wear to the food that you eat. I believe the same for the products you put on your skin. When you buy from Poofy Organics, not only are you buying some of the safest products on the market, but you are also supporting a small family business, my family, AND every single person who makes, labels, and ships your product with love.

Here is what I love the most about Poofy Organics. 

Family owned

This company is owned by a family from New Jersey. The owner and creator of all the products, Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson, started making products after a family diagnosis of cancer. So when you’re supporting them, you are supporting a small family business. You’re supporting real people who make the products. You’re supporting my family as we are trying to support a family of seven on less than humble means. Personally, I'm always on the hunt for families and local business and 'made in the USA' for things I buy.

You might find a safe product to use; however, they might be made overseas or in large batches or by machines. They might be owned by a larger company (think Burt’s Bees owned by Clorox and Tom’s of Maine owned by Colgate-Palmolive and yes, the beloved Mrs. Myers brand is owned by SC Johnson). 

USDA Organic-Certification

Because the rules differ for food and cosmetics, many people assume if a cosmetic product is labeled organic, it really is. Truth be told, it’s probably not. In the food world, a company cannot say their product is organic and use the organic seal without going through the certification process. So you know when you see the organic label, they had to comply with strict standards. 

A personal care company can say they use organic ingredients and even label their product as organic but NOT truly be certified OR use organic ingredients. Just saying ‘organic’ can be misleading. Even though they can use the word ‘organic’ on their product, they CANNOT use the seal unless they are certified. This is where Poofy stands out. They take the extra step of certification to ensure the consumer that they truly are organic.

From what Kristina has said many times, the process of getting USDA-certified isn’t expensive per se (what other companies want you to believe), but rather it’s a never ending process of compliance and rules and regulations and paperwork because you have to go through a third-party to get certified. You can read her blog here that explains the process. The reason she does it though, is for her customers. That you can have total peace of mind that what you see on the label is true, that when you see “organic” it really means organic, and that the majority of ingredients are food based. Real, healthy ingredients. Nothing. Toxic. Ever. Everything is scented with certified organic essential oils and extracts. You can find the lists of ingredients on the website, in the catalogue, and on every product.

Bottom line: Be wary of companies that make claims without backing them up.

Handmade with love

Everything at Poofy Organics is made by hand. The largest “machines” they use are blenders and mixers. Poofy employs people who make your products fresh every day. Not only do they pour the ingredients together to make the products, but then they pour the finished product into bottles and containers by hand as well. Then they label the product by hand (no label machines) and package your order by hand. Real people, not machines in large factories, are making the products from start to finish.


Not only are these products the safest, handmade products you will find, but they have hundreds to choose from. In fact, the first time people see the samples I have at a party, they have a hard time believing one company does it all. I don’t know of another company that can offer you the same variety. We carry a full line of hair products, facial care, oral care, natural remedies, body care, and products for babies. They also have an extensive line of cosmetics (yes, handmade makeup), certified-organic essential oils and oil blends, and cleaning products.

You can see inside Poofy at this video.

So friends, that is why I choose Poofy Organics. That is why I offer the products to you. Because they are the best out there. Because they are safe and effective. Should you decide you want to see what they’re all about, please use my personal link. My family thanks you.

As a thank-you for trying Poofy, I offer a rewards sharing program. When you tell someone about Poofy and they register and place their first order, they’ll get $5 off and you’ll get $5 off a future order in the form of a giftcard.

I also offer free shipping on orders of $200 or more. 

Not ready to commit? Go to my contact page and send me your email to join my products newsletter and you can learn more each month about the products Poofy offers, about superfoods from Purium, and about the benefits of CBD from PoofyCBD. I only send this out once a month so it’s not overwhelming. Or, simply contact me to ask any questions you have.

Ready to try something? Here’s how to become a customer and place an order. 

Create an account on my website to register as my customer. Go to allisonwhing.poofyorganics.com. Click “Login.” Then click, “Create a Customer Account.” Enter all your information and you’re ready to go. Then whenever you order, go to my website and I’ll receive an email when you make a purchase. 

Should you be interested in selling products on my team and be part of an awesome mission to educate others and get the best products into the hands of others, you can contact me directly. See my contact information in the tab at the top of my blog. Or you can go to my site "Login" and then "Become a Guide.”

Thanks for shopping small, organic, and handmade!

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