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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

It IS possible to shop with purpose and intention. It IS possible that our purchases can make a difference in the lives of real men and women around the world. Join me and shop small; make ethical purchases that matter.

The list of companies we can purchase through to make a real difference in the world is growing. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to sort through it all. This list is intended as a place to get you started. As much as I'd love to support every ethical company out there, that's not possible for me. So I've decided to focus small and list only those I've purchased from. Some of them have separate posts where you can learn more about the companies.

If you'd like a more complete list you can check out ethical blogger Molly Stillman's list or Mercy House Global has a great one too.

Buying used is always an ethical choice. The amount of clothing we go through as a nation and world is quite staggering. Secondhand shops abound and a simple Google search will allow you to find one local to you.

For those who want to buy new, there is an eclectic variety of companies listed below where your purchase can truly make a difference for those who are creating these products. Every company listed with a description is a company I have personally researched and purchased from. Some of them have separate blog posts you can read about and if they don’t, one may be coming soon.

Companies included on this list (in alphabetical order) are considered to be ethical companies by my definition. Simply defined, shopping ethically means the goods are either made in the USA, or from companies with fair-trade or organic certification, or whose employees are paid fair wages for their work. Many of these companies employ women rescued from trafficking around the world or given fair-trade work to help escape poverty.

Please note: Some of these companies are affiliate companies. I do make a certain percentage when you use my link in the form of commission or credit back to the company. Those companies are marked with a *.

Slowly growing my ethical wardrobe: Wearing products from Soulshine Boutique, Elegantees, Starfish Jewelry, Pact Organic and The Root Collective.


Hands down, Elegantees is my go-to ethical company when I want something new. They work with survivors of trafficking in Nepal to provide redemptive work through their sewing center. Clothing from this line are often tops with a unique flair; simple but elegant. Most are solid colors (which is my fave) and so it’s easy to find tops that work for jeans or your favorite leggings. Elegantees also offers a line of dresses! In addition, they have a line made with organic cotton. Elegantees also has an adorable line for little girls you can find here as well as a line for men!

Use the code OTBMAMA for 10% off anytime.

Hope Outfitters

Hope Outfitters is an all-volunteer company that donates 100% of their profits to organizations that are doing awesome things in the world to spread the hope and love of Jesus. You can wear hope and help build the Kingdom of God with every purchase. Choose something for the entire family from a selection of shirts, hats, bags, sweats, home gear and more.

Imagine Goods

The owners of this small ethical company work with sex trafficking survivors in Cambodia who have redemptive work creating goods such as tablecloths and napkins, bags, and clothing. They also partner with other organizations who are doing ethical work locally and around the world. You can check them out here where I shared a bit about this amazing company.


Gorgeous handmade bags and accessories with transparent pricing and ethical practices. The unique prints are made with hand carved blocks and hand mixed paints and dyes. Even the cotton is hand-spun and woven. These designs are incredibly unique and eye-catching!

Mud Love

Every purchase from this company provides a week of clean water to someone in need, in the Central African Republic. A great way to wear one word of inspiration on your wrist or around your neck. All their products are  handcrafted in Warsaw, Indiana and include the jewelry mentioned as well as mugs and tumblers. Partner with them for fundraisers as well!

PACT Organic*

An amazing line for basics such as underwear, undershirts, tanks and socks, PACT also has an amazingly soft and comfortable line of sweatshirts and leggings. I’m not one for crazy prints and prefer to buy leggings from a fair-trade brand anyway so PACT is a perfect fit.

Want 20% off your first order? Use this linkand get 20% off when you place your order. You’ll join their mailing list (trust me, you want to be on it to get deals) and your discount is applied with your first order. (Affiliate Note: I get a credit for referring you too.) So make sure you use this link when you purchase to get the 20% off!

Poofy Organics*

Oh, right, I can’t go more than 10 seconds without mentioning this awesome ethical company! Sometimes a simple wardrobe can be perked up and given a new look just with a new lipstick color or different eyeshadow look. Poofy offers more than makeup, though and you can read here about why I choose this certified organic, made by hand brand for everything personal care.

Root Collective*

Want some amazingly cute shoes handmade by artisans in Guatemala? Look no further than the Root Collective. You can see my write-up about the company at this link. Use my personal affiliate link to get 10% off! Join their mailing list and get an awesome mini ebook with a list of ethical companies to choose from.

The Soteria Initiative

I’m always inspired when I hear stories of people who can take something small and breathe new life and vision into it. Khue Paige, founder of The Soteria Initiative, has done just that. When she looks at a penny, she sees hope. She has found a way to take the simple and humble penny to provide hope for precious women who are valued and have worth, despite what they might believe about themselves, through creating jewelry out of a penny. You can read more about them at this link.

Soulshine Boutique

Locally owned in my hometown, Soulshine has a heart of its own and carries only ethically produced, made in the USA or fair trade products. The owner has an amazing heart They are open for shopping the first weekend of the month, by appointment, or online anytime.

Starfish Project

Starfish Project works with exploited women escaping trafficking in Asia and gives them a not only employment to make jewelry to provide an income for their families, but also shelter, counseling, and education. The starfish motto comes from the well-known story of the starfish being tossed back into the ocean. We can make a difference for one person and it truly matters.

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages partners with artisans and makers around the world to carry goods that range from jewelry and mugs to woven rugs and handcrafted good for your home. All workers are paid fair-wages for their goods up front so even if the products don't sell in the store, the workers have still been paid. You can shop online or at a variety of storefronts. See their website for more information This is an awesome place to shop for gifts for all occasions!

Threading Water

Sometimes my husband feels left out of all the great ethical shopping I have options to so we were thrilled to find this company for him to buy tee-shirts. This Wrap Certified company provides a year of clean water with every purchase. You can check out their small line of shirts for men and women at their website.

Threads 4 Thought

This is another company my husband has purchased from but they also carry clothing for women too. This WRAP certified company pays fair wagers in countries around the world and use a sustainable model with a lot of recycled fabrics, organic fabrics, and recycling their water use. You can find out more at their website.

Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope is a party planning/sales opportunity for women who not only want to share beautiful jewelry, bags, and accessories but want to support women around the world with fair trade wages and redemptive work. TOH partners with artisans and communities around the world where their artisans create pieces and are paid up front for their work. Reps for the company can share these pieces with friends and family at in-home and online events. This link will take you to my friend Lisa's direct page if you don't know anyone and would like to host your own event.

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