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Welcome to the Kids' Page

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

We are generally goofy, especially in Goodwill.

It’s a little hard to fathom that whatever I write becomes public. I mean, I’ve always wanted a little corner on the internet to claim as my own, but now… it’s really here.

This part of Upstream Family is purely for my siblings and I, though more then likely most of the posts will be mine. I honestly have no clue what writing will appear on here though, so we’ll see I guess? 

I’ve given this introduction post three beginnings, but I have no clue what to put next. I’ve asked both Eden and Micah for help, saying perhaps we should all put input, but one was busy, and the other wanted to either write the whole thing, or he wouldn’t write at all. So I suppose I’ll have to manage some other way.

When our mom first announced that she wanted a family website, part of me rejoiced, the other part thought… Yeah right, never.

And yet here we are.

Whenever my mom had spoken of Upstream Family, a light was kind of released. She looked happier, and spoke with real enthusiasm. Piece by piece, this site fell into place. Fast forward a month or two, and now we’re here, and us kids have a section of our very own.  

There’s no requirement to read what we write. But we appreciate it if you do! And we love feedback!

Here’s five completely random facts about each of us (that you may or may not already know). If you would like to read more, visit the meet us page:


  • I’m thirteen

  • I have self-published two books

  • I love taking photos

  • My favorite food is popcorn, and I can’t say no if you offer me some

  • I have stayed up for thirty hours in a row


  • He’s eleven (soon to be twelve)

  • Auditioned for America Ninja Warrior Junior

  • Loves his hair

  • Really, really likes action movies and TV shows

  • Can’t keep a straight face when telling jokes


  • She’s nine

  • Refuses to eat chicken broccoli casserole

  • She loves dogs

  • She loves dogs (no, that is not a typo)

  • She hates Barbies, among other girly things


  • She’s six

  • LOVES chicken broccoli casserole

  • Lost three teeth in two days

  • Is always making new friends

  • One of the most photogenic person I’ve ever met (and loves the ‘photoshoots’ we have together)


  • He’s four (soon to be five)

  • Favorite animal is a zebra

  • Loves ice-cream enough to lick it off the grass in a neighbor's yard when it drops out of his cone AND has been sitting for half an hour (true story)

  • Micah is his role model, and he loves everything his big brother does

  • Never been inside McDonalds  

There you are! 

Other things you’ll probably see us write in this space are stories (real and fictional), poems, and other random fun things about traveling and life. 

We also love suggestions! If you have any questions for us kids, or stuff you would like us to write about, you’re welcome to comment below. 

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