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Frequently asked questions

You live in an RV! How does that work?

Yes, we have been traveling full-time for eight months. We use a combination of remote work and land work to keep things going plus a lot of trust in the Lord’s provision. It was a dream of ours for many years! You can read more here and here and here if you want to know more. Follow our journey on Instagram if you want to see snippets of our daily life.

How long are you planning to travel?

We are waiting on the Lord to lead us in our travels. Originally we thought a year or so but things certainly haven’t worked out on our timeline. I can’t imagine us being on the road for more than two years but we are open to His plans and where He will take us!

How long have you been homeschooling?

We’ve been homeschooling for five years. We use a combination of methods and continue to change it up every year with our kids’ needs and now with traveling too. You can read more about our journey to homeschooling here and here and here.

How do you decide what companies to put on your blog?

We are believers in shopping small, handmade or fair-trade, and organic whenever possible. So while we can’t shop 100% of the time this way, we do it whenever we can. The clothing we buy is either used or from ethical companies. We love supporting local farmers who raise their own food and buying organic as much as possible. We love supporting artisans around the world and choose to support companies who provide dignified work and fair-pay and treatment for their employees. When we find a company we love, we add them to our master list and often have separate posts about each company. While there are many companies that fit into these categories, it can be overwhelming to include them all so we prefer to keep a smaller list of companies we actually have supported. You can find our food philosophy here, our shopping small philosophy here and a directory of companies we love here.

We think we are a bit of an upstream family too! How can we connect?

Use our contact page to reach us! We want to build a community of families who aren’t afraid to live outside the box and share the truth of God’s word in love. If you’d like to share your family’s upstream story, tell us a bit about you in your message!

I’m interested in the products you sell. How can I learn more?

Check out all of our affiliate companies on Our Favorites Page and contact us with any questions.